Register a Domain name

  • .com ₦3800.00/Yr
  • .net ₦5000.00/Yr
  • .ng ₦9500.00/Yr
  • .org ₦4900.00/Yr

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name is unique name used to identify a website or any other information reserved on the internet. It is used to identify you or your business on the internet. It is what appears in the address bar when visiting a website. Domain names are very cheap to register. They however need to be renewed every year or so. If the domain name is not renewed before the renewal period expires, the domain name becomes available to anybody. Find below our different domain name packages and get started.


Registration (1 Year) Registration (2 Years) Registration (3 Years)
.com ₦3800.00 ₦7600 ₦11400
.net ₦45000.00 ₦50000.00 ₦15000
.ng ₦9500.00 ₦19000 ₦28500
.org ₦4900.00 ₦9800 ₦14700

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